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Surprising Truths Within Hospice Care

By  Attorney Rick Law, Managing Partner at the Estate Planning Center of Law Elder Law in the Western Chicago suburb of Aurora, IL. Carolyn Peterson is an RN who has worked as a nurse for 43 years. Seventeen years ago, she began to focus exclusively in the area of hospice care. She works for an […]

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Life Support Decisions

By Attorney Rick Law of the Estate Planning Center at Law Elder Law in Aurora, Illinois. Providing wills, trusts, probate, guardianship, estate plans, Medicaid crisis planning and much more to the residents of Kane and Kendall Counties One afternoon, I met with a client who was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, along with his wife of many years […]

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Dementia and the Vulnerable Senior

By Senior Advocate and Elder Law Attorney Rick Law of Law Elder Law – Elder Law and Estate Planning center in Aurora, IL. One of the first signs of dementia is also one of the most dangerous—a growing inability to understand and control financial matters. In the oldest American generation – currently consisting of those […]

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The Elder Care Journey

By Rick Law of Law Elder Law. Serving Seniors, Boomers, and Their Families in West Suburban Aurora, IL Just off the I-88 tollway. The “Elder Care Journey” is a continuum of possible care needs that get more intense as the journey progresses. Typically, the journey progresses as follows: Healthy, vigorous senior – Most of today’s […]

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Could Medicaid Help Pay for Your In-Home Care? By Rick Law, Chicagoland Elder Care Attorney & Senior Estate Planner in Aurora, IL

Most people want to remain at home for as long as possible as they age. Some seniors living at home need help with activities of daily living. The problem is, the cost of hiring in-home help can add up quickly and a nursing home or assisted living facility becomes the only option. Few people know […]

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Don’t Be Surprised By “Unexpected” Long Term Care Expenses.

By Rick Law.  Senior Estate Planner in Chicago, IL As much as we all hate to admit it, there will come a time when it is likely that we will need assistance in doing even some of the most basic daily living activities. In fact, in many cases, clients can more easily come to grips […]

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Long-Term Care: Unexpected Illness Should Be Expected.

By Rick Law, Elder Care Attorney in Chicagoland. As baby boomers, we saw our grandparents die of heart attacks, strokes, industrial accidents, agricultural accidents, and other “quick death” causes. When we were young, our peers died of unexpected illnesses and accidents. Now we’re grandparents! As we look back over our post-WWII life spans, medical advances have […]

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Estate Planning Basics: What Are Powers Of Attorney? An Interview With Kathy Motley.

By Rick Law, Elder Law Attorney in the Western Suburbs of Chicago, Illinois. I recently sat down and spoke with my senior paralegal about powers of attorney.  She had some great insights because she has worked in law firms that practice in the area of estate planning for 20+ years.  Here’s what she had to say: […]

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Dodging the Wrecking Ball | by Rick Law, Estate Planning and Elder Law Attorney

As an elder law attorney, my clients are hard-working people who fought in our wars, worked in our factories, and sent their kids to college.  They are honest people who always lived frugally.  They paid off their homes and cars and now they live on two Social Security checks and sometimes a very modest pension.  […]

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Growing Up with Alzheimers

How do you think you would feel if you could not remember a time that your father or mother did not have memory issues?  John Remaly was only nine years old when his dad was diagnosed with Young Onset Alzheimers.   He and his sister Alyssa have grown up adjusting to the gradual loss of their […]

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