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What if You Don’t Die? By Elder Law Attorney Rick Law in West Suburban Chicagoland

Nearly 1 in 2 Seniors Will Become Incapacitated Before They Die… Are You Willing to Gamble Your Life Savings on a 50/50 Shot in the Dark? Fortunately, there are legal, ethical ways to plan for retirement, protect your family, and gain peace of mind.  Do you have a fear of outliving your life savings? It’s […]

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The Benefits And Limitations Of Traditional Long Term Care Insurance.

By Rick Law Elder Care Attorney in the Western suburbs of Chicago, IL When planning for the unexpected, long-term care insurance should not be overlooked.  This type of protection should be considered not only for its ability to pay for care services, but more so to protect and preserve assets. Long-term care insurance protects assets, […]

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There’s Gold in Them Thar Hills! Retirement Investing & Commodities for Seniors

I am a nonstop student of investing and investments. Almost every day I read both the Wall Street Journal and Investor’s Business Daily. I’m also a fan of Porter Stansberry, Dr. Steven Sjuggerud, Dr. David Eifrig Jr. and their investment newsletters. I regularly check the interplay of various currencies compared to the U.S. dollar. It […]

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“We Screwed Up, Huh?”

He is 80 years old but looks like mid-60s.  When I told him that, he remarked, “Thanks, but the old noodle is giving out.  Doctor says I’ve got dementia.”  His wife nodded in vigorous affirmation.  She added, “He goes to the store with a list, but always messes it up.”  She was not trying to […]

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The Lifetime Love and Protection Trust (The Lifetime Parenting Trust)

A number of times I have had clients tell me that they love their adult children, but  they have a child who has chosen a destructive lifestyle.  Sometimes it’s a mental health issue, or sometimes it’s just a matter of making very bad choices.  These parents do not want to abandon any of their children—but […]

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The Secret to a Healthy Investment Portfolio

There are four crucial areas of investment management, all of which need to be addressed to have a truly healthy financial plan for the future.

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It May be a Down Market, But Don’t Compound Your Losses!

Many seniors are panicking and making big mistakes in dealing with investment losses. In today’s blog we’ll tell you how to avoid falling into this trap.

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Giving May Be Hazardous To Your Health…Care!

It is no secret that senior citizens are the wealthiest segment of the U.S. population. Much has been written and said about the trillions of dollars that will ‘change generational hands’ as the current seniors pass their wealth to their children/grandchildren. Unfortunately, seniors have to contend with a dirty little secret that was put in […]

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Feather The Nest With A TLC Trust

What do you do if you’re an elderly parent still caring for a disabled child who can’t care for him or herself?  Last week I wrote about “empty nesters” who have never really had an empty nest. These are parents of children with disabilities such as autism, cerebral palsy, hearing loss, mental retardation, vision impairment, […]

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Seniors in Love: I Do=I’ll Pay

Recently, the child of one of my clients told me about a wedding her parents had attended. The wedding was that of a giddy-in-love senior citizen couple. The groom was 82, the bride 87; both living at the same long-term care facility. The bride was heard to gush, “I wanted to marry a younger man this […]

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Our Reviews

My wife and I had our first child three years ago. That’s when we decided to set up a trust, should anything happen to either of us. We reached out to Zach Hesselbaum to help us out. He was very thorough and professional throughout the whole process. Zach went above and beyond to make sure that we understood every detail of setting it up and he did an excellent job. We recently had our second child a few months ago. With the new baby, he helped us make the necessary revisions to the trust. Zach made this process great for us! I would definitely recommend using him for any of your estate planning needs!

Tom G., Naperville, IL