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Getting to Yes!

Recently,  I experienced that it is far more ‘profitable’ to ring bells for the Salvation Army when you partner up with an enthusiastic four-year-old granddaughter.  Let me tell you the story,  which illustrates some key principles on how to get people to say “yes.” It was the Saturday before Thanksgiving.  My wife, Rose, my granddaughter […]

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Halloween Fun for Every Age!

Do you enjoy a chance to act like a kid again?  I sure do!  Recently I received an invitation to a Halloween party at Heritage Woods in Yorkville, Illinois.  My friend, Jane Johnson, is the marketing maven there.  Heritage Woods of Yorkville is a supportive living facility (SLF), more commonly known as an assisted living […]

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Self-Help Legal Switcheroo

We all like to save money—especially on legal matters.  Millions of people are now using do-it-yourself online legal form services like  To check it out, I went there, too. Their home page proudly raves, “Save time and money… created by top attorneys… helps you create reliable legal documents… we even review your answers and […]

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Forever Santa

“How do you grow up to become Santa Claus?” I innocently asked the white-bearded man. Laying a finger aside of his nose, he looked at me gently and told his story.

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Santa Knows Autism Spectrum Disorders

I will never take Santa Claus for granted again! Most of us grew up with Santa Claus as a beloved Christmas icon. Maybe you have one or two special Santa memories that you cherish. Did you take your kids to visit Santa and then tuck the photo away as a life-long Christmas treasure?  I sure […]

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Mr. Transformation: Shawn Hunt

I have lost 115 pounds of scaled weight and gained a large amount of muscle. I have gone from a 48” to a 38” waist. My health has been greatly improved, and my overall sense of well being has been restored. I really can’t put into words the feeling of accomplishment that I feel right now. This has been one of my greatest challenges and also one of my greatest victories.

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Marbles Brain Store: The Best Brain for Your Buck

Marbles store owner Lindsay Gaskins and her team are committed to helping brains age well. And they have a lot of fun doing it! Each of the brain games they sell in their store serves a specific purpose and benefits a specific part of the brain. “The whole concept for the store came out of the idea that there are new developments in science saying that if you exercise your brain you can stave off Alzheimer’s—you can live better and longer.”

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Our Reviews

“Everyone in the office was absolutely wonderful to work with whether on the initial set-up of the trust, adjustment to such following my father’s passing, or processing of his home sale and proceeds.

They genuinely care for your family’s well-being and walk you through each step of the process. They are also exceptionally responsive even when parties involved live in different locations.

This is a definitely a team you can trust and one I highly recommend.”

W.W., Client of Law Hesselbaum