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Seniors in Love…….

In the Disney classic movie Bambi, when spring arrives, the adolescent Bambi notices that all of his male friends are becoming enchanted by young females of the same species.  When Bambi asks the wise old owl what is wrong with them, he is gruffly told, “They are twitterpated!”   As an attorney serving seniors and […]

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Written by a Happy Dad…..

When the kids are growing up, you always worry about how they’re going to turn out.  While I always worried about my daughter Diana, she has far exceeded all of my hopes for her.  She has become a great law partner, outstanding attorney, and an excellent wife and mother.  I could not be more proud […]

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Elder Law vs. Traditional Estate Planning

Recently, at two different MCLE (continuing legal education) presentations, I spoke on the “Elder Law Essentials.”  The goal of the presentation was to distinguish the solutions of elder law vs. the solutions underlying traditional estate planning. I was originally trained as a tax attorney, and my principal estate planning solutions were motivated by the client’s […]

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Rita Hayworth Alzheimer’s Association Gala

Recently, Kerry Peck of the law firm of Peck Bloom LLC and his wife Hillary invited us to join their table for the Alzheimer’s Association’s Rita Hayworth Chicago fundraising gala.  I am unaccustomed to attending formal black-tie events, but this one was worth the effort.  Princess Yasmin Aga Khan is the gala’s general chair.  Princess […]

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Grab a Cane and Keep Walking

Nunca te Detengas  (Never Stop Yourself) The Words of Mother Teresa of Calcutta In February, when I was in Central America, I was given a brochure which celebrated Costa Rican retirees and their value to their country.  I translated the inspiring Spanish language message, which quoted the words of Mother Teresa of Calcutta.  I have […]

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Grandpa’s Got a Bug

My 4 year-old granddaughter, Lucy, has been explaining my recent illness by flatly stating, “Grandpa’s got a bug in his lungs.”  Thankfully after an almost two-week illness, I am ready to head back to the office… for half a day. (After all, “In Sickness and in Health” is the official name of my weekly blog, […]

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My Bucket List Adventure: 8 Days Through the Andes

I suppose it was a lot of ego (combined with what little remains of my testosterone) that pushed me to make the decision to ride a horse through the Andes Mountains.  Or maybe it was the great promotional copy and the photos at “…ride through a stunningly beautiful, remote area of Northern Patagonia along […]

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Chile: The Beauty and The Beast

My Bucket List Adventure:  February 27, 2010 My traveling companion, Joaquin Tortos, and I had just ended our eight-day horse trek through the Andes Mountains, so we were sleeping soundly. But the peaceful night ended at 3:34 a.m. (the middle of the night)…  Our world was violently shaking, and all over the city, car alarms […]

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Home of the Ancient Ones

Hogar De Ancianos San Buenaventura, Turrialba, Costa Rica, Central America My wife, Rose, and I recently visited the county nursing home in Turrialba, Costa Rica. We lived in Turrialba for a year in 2003-2004 to study Spanish and to learn a different culture, and our lives have been forever changed and broadened by that experience.  […]

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Go Find Your Smile!

City Slickers is one of my favorite movies.  It is a comedic and philosophical glorification of urban men trying to live out life’s meaning through the machismo of adventure travel.  If you haven’t seen this film for some time, I recommend you take a peek at it during the holidays. In this 1991 Billy Crystal […]

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Our Reviews

“We would be lost without Law Elder Law! We walked in their doors over a year ago feeling lost and confused. With a father/father-in-law suffering from Alzheimer’s, we were overwhelmed by the Medicaid process, selling his home, protecting the assets he worked for his entire life, and finding him a memory-care facility that we could trust as his new home. 

Law Elder Law helped with all of it! From the minute we walked out of our first meeting, we knew we (and he) were in good hands. We could not have possibly navigated all that had to be done without their expertise.”

A.M., Client of Law Hesselbaum and Law Elder Law