Alzheimer’s Disease Changed My Life

In the year 2000, I (Rick Law) was primarily focused on legal matters in the areas of taxation, real estate, and investments.  I was totally prepared for legal questions within my professional comfort zone.  Alzheimer’s Disease was not on my career radar screen.

A call from a close friend came in to my office.  With panic in her voice, she said, “Bob [my husband] was just diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease.  What are we going to do?  Am I going to lose my home?  Are we going to lose everything?”

I was stunned to hear that my retired friend Bob had Alzheimer’s.  After all, he was the man who taught my sons to play chess.  He had a Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice.  Intellectual and philosophical, it was impossible to believe that he, of all people, was going to lose everything that he valued during the course of a progressive, degenerative, and fatal illness.

Louise, Bob’s wife, was suddenly shackled to Alzheimer’s Disease, which would rob her of her relationship with her beloved husband and destroy their modest lifestyle.

Like 99.9% of all attorneys, I was totally unprepared to answer her questions or suggest solutions.  But I promised her that I would help them.  The search for answers changed my life.  With the help of others, Bob and Louise were provided with a trustworthy legal guide during their Alzheimer’s care journey.  Law Elder Law LLP was born through my local and national search for answers for people like Bob and Louise.  Today our law firm concentrates its practice in estate planning, nursing home solutions, guardianship, and asset protection.

If you or someone you love has received a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease, Parkinson’s, or other life-threatening, long term illnesses, please call us at 630-585-5200.  Providing solutions is complex work.  We strive to be compassionate, considerate, and caring.

Rick L. Law

Our Reviews

“Everyone in the office was absolutely wonderful to work with whether on the initial set-up of the trust, adjustment to such following my father’s passing, or processing of his home sale and proceeds.

They genuinely care for your family’s well-being and walk you through each step of the process. They are also exceptionally responsive even when parties involved live in different locations.

This is a definitely a team you can trust and one I highly recommend.”

W.W., Client of Law Hesselbaum