Estate and Longevity Planning

Most people think that estate planning is creating a bunch of documents that name the people or organizations that will receive your assets after you die.

And most estate plans are just that – death plans. They don’t do anything until you die. 

We are different.

We believe that planning to live a long time is more important than planning to die. 

Law Hesselbaum staff photoThe right estate plan can help you be prepared for the unexpected.

It can help you and your family prepare for healthcare challenges we all face as we get older. Most traditional estate plans don’t consider long-term care, which is a huge issue now that we’re all living longer.

Or you may worried about your family and the ability of one or more of your beneficiaries to handle money, for whatever reason.The right estate plan can help protect your child’s inheritance from divorce, remarriage, debts, and irresponsible lifestyles.

We believe that estate and longevity planning is more than just a standard will, powers of attorney, and a living trust. It often includes multigenerational benefits such as asset protection, beneficiary protection, and tax savings.

This can be especially important if you have a “tax-deferred” retirement account that you want to leave to your children. Most people don’t realize that the tax savings they get when they put money into their tax-deferred retirement accounts is only temporary.

The income tax payment is just delayed until the money is taken out of your retirement accounts. You still owe income tax on every penny you worked so hard to save in your tax-deferred retirement accounts!

Many of our clients try to use as little of the money in their retirement accounts as possible because they want to “leave it to the kids”. That means your kids will pay the income taxes when they inherit your retirement account! And they will pay those taxes at their income tax rate, not yours! Do you think income taxes will be higher or lower in the future?

Protect what you have today and what you want to leave to your family tomorrow.

When you sit with us for your initial, no-cost Vision meeting, we listen to you. We learn your needs and goals and discuss them with you.

Any of the following scenarios might apply to you concerning estate and longevity planning. Whatever your situation may be, we can offer the answers and support that let you plan to live.

  • I need help with a will, trust or power of attorney.
  • I already have an estate plan, but I’m concerned it is just a death plan.
  • I have a tax-deferred retirement account that I want to leave to my kids.
  • I am concerned about the ability of a family member to handle money.
  • I need an Emergency E Team at the hospital, hospice, or home.
  • My life and career or business have been good, and I want to protect my assets.
  • I need to plan for a loved one with physical or developmental special needs.
  • I am concerned that my spouse or children won’t be taken care of after I’m gone.
  • I’m looking for a long-term relationship that supports me with legal guidance.
  • I would like expert guidance in probate and estate management and distribution.
  • I would be interested in compassionate lifetime trustee services shared with me and for me.

Find out if we are a good fit for you! Call us at (630) 585-5200 today to schedule your meeting.

Our Reviews

“Everyone in the office was absolutely wonderful to work with whether on the initial set-up of the trust, adjustment to such following my father’s passing, or processing of his home sale and proceeds.

They genuinely care for your family’s well-being and walk you through each step of the process. They are also exceptionally responsive even when parties involved live in different locations.

This is a definitely a team you can trust and one I highly recommend.”

W.W., Client of Law Hesselbaum