“The Lucky Ones”

When I was a teen, my maternal grandfather Jerry died from a sudden heart attack at age 60. His death was immediate. Later, when I was a young man, my favorite uncle Jack (Jerry’s son) also died quickly from a heart attack.  He was 58. Now that I am the same age, I worry that […]

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Giving May Be Hazardous To Your Health…Care!

It is no secret that senior citizens are the wealthiest segment of the U.S. population. Much has been written and said about the trillions of dollars that will ‘change generational hands’ as the current seniors pass their wealth to their children/grandchildren. Unfortunately, seniors have to contend with a dirty little secret that was put in […]

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Feather The Nest With A TLC Trust

What do you do if you’re an elderly parent still caring for a disabled child who can’t care for him or herself?  Last week I wrote about “empty nesters” who have never really had an empty nest. These are parents of children with disabilities such as autism, cerebral palsy, hearing loss, mental retardation, vision impairment, […]

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83 Years Old and Never an Empty-Nester

My wife and I have almost reached the empty-nester stage.  We look forward to that event with excitement, and a little anxiety too.  We have raised four children, ranging in age from 32 to 17.  After such a long run in parenting minors, it’s time to move on to that more senior stage referred to […]

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Seniors in Love: I Do=I’ll Pay

Recently, the child of one of my clients told me about a wedding her parents had attended. The wedding was that of a giddy-in-love senior citizen couple. The groom was 82, the bride 87; both living at the same long-term care facility. The bride was heard to gush, “I wanted to marry a younger man this […]

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Medicare: The Diagnosis Lottery

Many US citizens assume that Medicare is their right. They assume that the health reimbursement program provided by the United States government on behalf of persons who are over the age of 65, blind, and/or disabled has always been there, and always will be.  But this is not the case.  Medicare and its ugly twin […]

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Hitting the Beach at Iwo Jima

“Most of the men who hit the beach with me that day now lie under little white crosses. Some news guy wrote that if you landed on Iwo Jima in the first wave and you were not hit by machine gun fire, that it was as unlikely as running through a thunderstorm and not getting […]

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Trapped! The Plight of the Caregiver

Recently, when friend and “founder” Luise May visited our office, Shawn Hunt and I sat down to ask about her experience as a caregiver for her Alzheimer’s–affected husband over the past nine years.  Our goal was to further understand the feelings and experiences of the people our firm strives to help–those serving as caregivers for […]

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A Visit From Our “Founder”

Law Elder Law, LLP, is a law firm focused on the issues of estate planning, long-term disability planning, veterans benefits, and Medicaid assistance. Our eighteen staff members are attorneys, paralegals, and other support personnel.  But oddly enough, our firm did not begin with a lawyer.  Rather, our firm began with a phone call from a […]

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2+2=4. . . So What?

Have you ever had the experience of hearing a brilliant speaker share a truth with you that wrings your gut? The kind of feeling you get when you find out that the car you bought has the worst service record in automobile history, or the company whose stock you bought will be declaring bankruptcy? You […]

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Our Reviews

My wife and I had our first child three years ago. That’s when we decided to set up a trust, should anything happen to either of us. We reached out to Zach Hesselbaum to help us out. He was very thorough and professional throughout the whole process. Zach went above and beyond to make sure that we understood every detail of setting it up and he did an excellent job. We recently had our second child a few months ago. With the new baby, he helped us make the necessary revisions to the trust. Zach made this process great for us! I would definitely recommend using him for any of your estate planning needs!

Tom G., Naperville, IL