Mr. Transformation: Shawn Hunt

Shawn Hunt before and after
Shawn Hunt before and after

Almost three years ago, when I first met Shawn Hunt, I had to look him in the eyes and tell him that his pre-employment handwriting analysis revealed that he had early diabetes symptoms.

Now, I am proud to introduce you to a healthy Shawn who successfully serves Law Elder Law, LLP as both an intake paralegal and our super-creative graphics designer.   During the time that he has been with us, he has dedicated himself to the oh-so-difficult change to a healthier lifestyle.

This is how Shawn told me his story:

“Three years ago, our company insurance agent at Law Elder Law told me that I had been denied health coverage. I was devastated!  My health issues were due to a genetic predisposition and my weight.  I tipped the scale at nearly 400 pounds, and it was taking a serious toll on my health.  I would get random bouts of numbness in my hands and feet and sometimes climbing stairs felt more like I was mounting an expedition to the Mount Everest’s summit.  I knew that change had to happen, as my life was in jeopardy.

I started my transformation changes at 397 pounds with a size 48 pants.  The first week of dieting was pretty tough, as cravings and temptations seemed to abound—but I ended week one with a 16 pound loss. Wow!  ‘This isn’t too hard,’ I thought—but soon my weight loss crept to a halt.  Then I knew that diet alone would not be enough and that I would have to add exercise and weight training.

Once I started lifting weights and running, I started to gain more energy every day. Cutting out pop and replacing it with water also helped greatly.  My meal plans were drastically overhauled.  I vowed that I wouldn’t put another dollar through a drive-through window for a long while.

My body started to change and fat slowly gave way to muscle.  I started to drop pant sizes quickly.  I put myself on a strict diet consisting of six small meals a day roughly the size of my palm.  Maintaining the routine and schedule of eating like this wasn’t all that easy, but I seemed to be able to manage it.  I cut out most fried foods, all junk food, pop, and red meat.  I replaced these things with fish and chicken, vegetables, fresh juice, oatmeal, vitamins, and many other healthy choices.  I grew to love them over time.

I have lost 115 pounds of scaled weight and gained a large amount of muscle.  I have gone from a 48” to a 38” waist.  My health has been greatly improved, and my overall sense of well being has been restored.  I really can’t put into words the feeling of accomplishment that I feel right now.  This has been one of my greatest challenges and also one of my greatest victories.  Don’t get me wrong, I know that  I’m not done—but now I look forward to the rest of the journey!”

Shawn is not doing anything magical. He is following the time-tested path of healthy eating and consistent exercise.  All of us at Law Elder Law are happy to see him looking good!  He even went tent-camping in the woods last weekend and came back peppy.  Congratulations, Shawn!

Our Reviews

“We would be lost without Law Elder Law! We walked in their doors over a year ago feeling lost and confused. With a father/father-in-law suffering from Alzheimer’s, we were overwhelmed by the Medicaid process, selling his home, protecting the assets he worked for his entire life, and finding him a memory-care facility that we could trust as his new home. 

Law Elder Law helped with all of it! From the minute we walked out of our first meeting, we knew we (and he) were in good hands. We could not have possibly navigated all that had to be done without their expertise.”

A.M., Client of Law Hesselbaum and Law Elder Law