Out With the Old… In With the Older!

Rick Law in 2004

Rick Law in 2009
Rick Law in 2009

Today I stop living a lie! Despite the old photo I have been showing you, I really don’t have brown hair anymore—and unfortunately, I now need to wear my eyeglasses all the time.  The photos above are both of me, Rick Law, 2004 and 2009.  I promise to no longer hide behind my former, more youthful 55-year-old portrait. No siree, I’m now a 59-year-old white-haired grandpa, and proud of it!

Let me reflect on the passage of the last five years—“Rick Law, 2004-2009.”  Someone insightfully said that the “dash” between dates symbolizes all of the life events that took place during that time.  As an  elder law attorney who works with the issues of the frail, the senior citizen, and those with disabilities of any age, some of the biggest changes that I have noticed over the last five years are:

  1. Now the Boomers are coming into my office. Five years ago, my practice was totally focused on my parent’s generation, the Greatest Generation—but now it’s our turn.  We, the Boomers, are starting to die, become disabled, have memory issues and mobility issues, experience young-onset Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, and have other longevity problems.
  2. The federal and state governments have insufficient resources to meet the demand, so they keep creating even bigger barriers to accessing long term health care benefits.  This is true despite the current president’s recent health care promise that “I will not let a bureaucrat come between you and quality health care.”
  3. The speed of change forces my legal team and I to have to “sprint” to remain honed and ready advocates.

For me personally, some of the most important things that have happened in the “dash” of the last five years are:

  1. The startup and growth of our law practice, which is focused in the areas of estate protection and planning, disability, Medicaid, and veteran’s benefits for the over-65.  We have gone from three employees to a great team of twenty!
  2. The birth of my four beautiful grandchildren—Lucy, Daphne, Evan, and Phoebe.
  3. Having served over 1,500 clients throughout Illinois.
  4. Delighting in the presence of our bright young attorneys—Diana M. Law, partner; Gina Salamone, Esq.; and Zachary Hesselbaum, Esq.  It makes me feel good to know that when and if something happens to me, these three can lead the legal team while serving our clients and their families.
  5. The founding of the Veterans Benefit Institute, which has been one of my greatest legal experiences.  It has allowed us the opportunity to provide education about VA benefits for the over-65 wartime veteran to more than 80 law firms from around the country.
  6. My entrance into the blogging world, which has allowed me to get to know some of the most wonderful, caring, and life-lifting people that I have ever met in my life.

So far this ‘aging thing’ has been full of love and life.  I am trying to follow the wit and wisdom of the great philosopher, Lucille Ball, who said, “The secret to staying young is to live honestly, eat slowly, and lie about your age.”  Here’s to eternal hope!


Our Reviews

“We would be lost without Law Elder Law! We walked in their doors over a year ago feeling lost and confused. With a father/father-in-law suffering from Alzheimer’s, we were overwhelmed by the Medicaid process, selling his home, protecting the assets he worked for his entire life, and finding him a memory-care facility that we could trust as his new home. 

Law Elder Law helped with all of it! From the minute we walked out of our first meeting, we knew we (and he) were in good hands. We could not have possibly navigated all that had to be done without their expertise.”

A.M., Client of Law Hesselbaum and Law Elder Law