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Living Like Wise Men: A Thank You to Richard and Ruth

The photo above was taken of three ceramic wise men that we purchased about 35 years ago at our church’s Christmas craft sale.  We have always treasured these three wise men ornaments.  This is our first empty-nester Christmas, and we pause to chuckle as we recall our kids arguing over who got to hang the […]

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Getting to Yes!

Recently,  I experienced that it is far more ‘profitable’ to ring bells for the Salvation Army when you partner up with an enthusiastic four-year-old granddaughter.  Let me tell you the story,  which illustrates some key principles on how to get people to say “yes.” It was the Saturday before Thanksgiving.  My wife, Rose, my granddaughter […]

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Happy Thanksgiving from a Turkey Fanatic

I have to confess that I love home-cooked turkey.  I am crazy about Thanksgiving turkey and the turkey leftovers.  When my wife, Rose, generously offers to send turkey home with our kids, I bar the door. Yep, I long for Thanksgiving Day, filled with all of the traditional foods and fellowship.  For me, Thanksgiving’s attitude […]

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Halloween Fun for Every Age!

Do you enjoy a chance to act like a kid again?  I sure do!  Recently I received an invitation to a Halloween party at Heritage Woods in Yorkville, Illinois.  My friend, Jane Johnson, is the marketing maven there.  Heritage Woods of Yorkville is a supportive living facility (SLF), more commonly known as an assisted living […]

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Out With the Old… In With the Older!

Today I stop living a lie! Despite the old photo I have been showing you, I really don’t have brown hair anymore—and unfortunately, I now need to wear my eyeglasses all the time.  The photos above are both of me, Rick Law, 2004 and 2009.  I promise to no longer hide behind my former, more […]

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The Art of Being… 98

“What in the world is that man doing?!” I asked attorney Zach Hesselbaum. It was a perfect summer afternoon and we had just left a client’s home at Alden of Waterford.  We could see a man creating something with homemade tools in an undeveloped area across from the residences.  We just had to get to […]

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Santa Knows Autism Spectrum Disorders

I will never take Santa Claus for granted again! Most of us grew up with Santa Claus as a beloved Christmas icon. Maybe you have one or two special Santa memories that you cherish. Did you take your kids to visit Santa and then tuck the photo away as a life-long Christmas treasure?  I sure […]

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Goodbye, Dad

My father, Richard Law, has died, but we celebrate his life!  Those of us who recently gathered at the hospital for many days and then the funeral home represent a ‘blended family’ of lineal descendants, adopted children, and step-family.  It has been amazing to experience the common expression of love and care from each one […]

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Healthy Living Through Healthy Thinking

How we think about things will then determine our actions and our reactions. Our actions and reactions will change our circumstances for the better or for the worse. The bottom line is that we have the power to change our lives by choosing to improve our thinking and responding. We have personal responsibility for choosing our thoughts and our actions.

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Huntington’s Disease—Let No More Leaves Fall

Although Huntington’s Disease is a relatively rare disease that affects about 1 in 10,000 persons, the families that suffer from this killer often sustain a 50% casualty rate. Here at Law Elder Law, we have decided to help work toward a cure.

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Our Reviews

My wife and I had our first child three years ago. That’s when we decided to set up a trust, should anything happen to either of us. We reached out to Zach Hesselbaum to help us out. He was very thorough and professional throughout the whole process. Zach went above and beyond to make sure that we understood every detail of setting it up and he did an excellent job. We recently had our second child a few months ago. With the new baby, he helped us make the necessary revisions to the trust. Zach made this process great for us! I would definitely recommend using him for any of your estate planning needs!

Tom G., Naperville, IL